Tuesday, August 3, 2010

trying to catch up

so lately i've been thinking about getting a laptop (major purchase!) and writing more. i think f/b has been sucking a lot of time that i should be spending elsewhere. and while it's nice to keep up on what's going on with everyone it doesn't necessarily help one feel centered or balanced. it kind of helps spread out where one's thoughts are and right now balance is necessary. also everytime Lucy raids one of my bookshelves and brings a book to me (one of her favorite past-times), she brings either children's book publishing guide from 2008, writing & publishing for dummies, making a literary life, the writer's guide to publishing.... you see where i'm going with this. it must be a sign.
so i'm blogging.
not exactly professional "write 50 pps per day" writing, but better than no writing.
and definitely more than just updating my profile status.

also i find myself as of late re-visiting my Happy List often. almost daily. i have my pseudo-current Happy List, my back-when-we-lived in the Barky's basement Happy List and my oldest/things from college life Happy List. the medicine i'm on currently is for a potential facial nerve (disease? disorder?) problem and it can cause mood swings/if you're already down it enhances that feeling. also it tends to make me really tired & worn out which doesn't help with feeling down... and someday i'd like Lucy to have a sibling & i can't do that on this medicine, so that doesn't help anything (and also reminds me i've already done the miscarriage route once)... it all kind of snowballs. (my potential diagnosis is Trigemenal Neuralgia...look it up sometime) so my happy list does what loved ones can't/don't do when i'm feeling down and it's too late to call. i'm seriously considering putting the un-edited version of all Happy Lists on my blog. this would be a big step for me. but sometimes when i read things about what makes someone else happy, it reminds me of something that makes me happy... or even sometimes a memory i've forgotten about. so maybe my happy list would make someone else feel good too.
for tonight i'll share one memory from my college Happy List: seeing TMBG for free at Purdue in the POURING rain, and they still shot off the confetti cannon. it was great seeing all that paper confetting just wet & sticking to the 10 people right in front of the cannon. :)


  1. Which reminds me of going to see TMBG in Columbus and having Campbell say, "We'll have four seats together, please."

    I love you, friendy.

    David says you can call any time. xoxo

  2. Love the Happy List thing. And it does make me feel better.