Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Birthday!

HA! My birthday is still a couple of weeks (2 weeks and 4 days) away, and already I'm thinking about it and planning it. See, last year kind of sucked. So this year I want to celebrate. (fyi celebrate for me means coffee & cupcakes, not drunkenness.) so i combined my thoughts about my Happy List and imagined my perfect birthday. I decided in a perfect world, we would magically spend a day in chicago (magically = no car/train/bus ride to get there). i would love more than anything else to take Lucy and go to the Art Institute to the room where my favorite painting is: Seurat's Sunday Afternoon at the Park... or Sunday en la grand jatte... whatever you'd like to call it. Most who don't know art might know it as the painting that Cameron stares at for a while in Ferris Beuler's Day Off. it seems to be the most calm room in the world to me... i believe there's a Picasso in there, and a van gogh maybe??... anyhow last time i was there it was all wood floors, normal white museum walls, and a bench to sit on... just completely serene to me. anyhow i can just imagine going there and enjoying that room with Lucy for a while.... Brad's in chicago too, but he's NOT an art fan, so maybe he could go to niketown and get some tennis shoes?
oh and of course then we'd go to get some cupcakes and coffee afterward. basically just enjoy a CITY. no suburbs just for one whole day. eat some food at a restaurant that's not a chain. i could use that.

alright, happy list... some classics:
1. earl greyer when i have a headache
2. foozball when rick & cam are playing
3. movie night (sometimes)
4. paper daisies
5. portsmouth, NH (esp the Elvis Room)
6. bonfires at the reservoir in huntington
7. plymouth, MA (home of our forefathers and cranberry world)
8. party at Shan's (4/99)
9. jones 'pink' soda
10. surviving graduation
posting some classics tonight b/c tomorrow is my doctor's follow-up appt and i am anxious. anxious. anxious. here's hoping for sleep. to sleep perchance to dream.

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  1. 7. I miss Cranberry World.

    2. Not playing for looo-oong.

    Man, I miss you.