Thursday, August 5, 2010

who do you think you are?

sorry, i have that john mayer trio (was it the trio??) song stuck in my head.
it's a great song and really at this point anything is better than TMBG ABC's songs from the dvd that Lucy is currently ob-sessed with. at least she's learning from it but it might be about to "disappear".
i don't have a happy list top 10 for today. i'm feeling pretty happy and blessed without a list tonight. lots and lots of Lucy laughter (resulting in mommy laughter) filled the day today. and the house across the street from us where there are always about 150 people, lots of trucks & trailers, loud language, and all-around sketchiness... well lets just say they had 1 firetruck and 3 police cars in front of their house tonight. and if the cops are busting up any of the sketchiness going on in there then i am happy about it! i didn't move my adirondack chair around to the front yard to watch like i wanted to... but... i did watch from the front door like a little kid on christmas morning.

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