Wednesday, August 4, 2010

looking for God's blessings

i made it my new goal to make a top 10 happy list for each day. to focus on what God has blessed me with and even though i'm not always "feeling" it... to FIND it and realize it.
so for today here are my top 10 (i'm tired so five are from today and five are from my old lists):

10. fuzzy wool sweaters (this is a repeat several times over on my old lists)
9. gumball machine rings
8. my lucid bootleg
7. the wild cat & the raptor (some of my favorite roller coasters)
6. meteor showers
5. finding that my Jack Johnson concert "passport" has a free song download code
4. having someone ask me how i am and knowing they're listening (thanks Mom)
3. Lucy's laughter & giggles
2. comfy pink pj's
1. Lucy constantly saying "mommy" and giving me kisses

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