Wednesday, September 1, 2010

whine... whine... wine?

feeling very whiny tonight so i decided to focus a little bit of energy on a happy list for today. also pulled out my old happy list to try to remember other happy times too (if there are happy past & happy present then there will be happy future times too). 2 + 2 = 4.

happy list for today:
1. *finally* finished a mix cd i promised a friend

2. Lucy woke up very early this morning BUT came to snuggle in bed with me

3. i downloaded Paula Fuga's ep on iTunes and any music that involves Jack Johnson or his type of music is a happy thing

4. the weather here was gorgeous today! and i could enjoy it more because we're finally supposed to get a little rain tomorrow.

5. ...isn't that sad... that's where it ends for today... that is how whiny i am right now. seriously though, i dropped my birthday cake all over the kitchen floor tonight. a cake i specifically asked for b/c i was so excited to have cake. such a silly thing.

happy list past (#100-115 of one old list of 117):
100. colored fountains in lake sno-tip
101. wearing d's big oatmeal wool sweater
102. kurt (???)
103. playing piano
104. crazy stripe sweater from Gap/"butt-ugly" sweater
105. llama llama!
106. sitting w/Robert Sean Leonard on NYC subway
107. accidentally walking through movie set - Family Man with Nick Cage & Tea Leone
108. Fat Cats at Rutgers
109. seeing Life Is Beautiful at ft.wayne cinema center
110. Caribou Coffee with Carrie in Columbus
111. Clay Cafe in Columbus
112. 4-story Barnes & Noble
113. iced mochas
114. when i tell D about my current crush & she acts so happy she might burst
115. free postcards in NYC
See it's good to keep happy lists on an ongoing basis because i don't think until i read that again that i would've remember fun things like colored fountains in lake sno-tip. :)

1 comment:

  1. 1. Thank you.

    5. Boo to dropping birthday cake. I'm sad too.

    107. Oops! That was funny. I remember being disappointed when I finally saw the movie. I wanted it to be soooo good so that I could brag we accidentally got on set.

    108. Yum!

    I love you, Bestie-pants.