Thursday, September 2, 2010

being a Mommy

since i'm a stay-at-home mom sometimes my brain wanders. like about how my Christian beliefs and my mommmy-ness line up (or not so much).
for instance... i believe that God let his only son die on the cross for the sins of the world. ...God let his ONLY SON DIE on a cross for the sins of the world. Not me dude. i'm selfish... obviously He's God and i'm not *thank you!!* but there is NO CHANCE this happens if i only get ONE child. NOPE.

also the whole Abraham & Isaac story baffles me more everytime i think about it now. So they thought that Sarah was barren, then at 90 years old she has Isaac. Then Abraham is supposed to take Isaac to offer him as a sacrifice. Seriously? Are you kidding me?! I realize this was back when sacrifices were commonplace, but his only son from a wife he thought was barren?? Nope. And I know the whole story... I know Abraham didn't have to actually put the knife to Isaac and sacrifice him. I still say there's not a chance that's happening if I'm involved.

Makes me question my faithfulness a little. For me that's the one line you do not cross. Mess with just about anything and I can deal with it. You mess with my child. Nope. It definitely brings a whole new dimension to a lot of Bible stories for me. But it also makes me pray that I constantly remember Lucy is not MINE, she is God's and I get to raise her, teach her & take care of her for a short while.
Great is THY faithfulness, absolutely.