Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Theory of Equilibrium in Times of Stress

so i have a few crazy theories. i have no scientific data or evidence to back up any of my theories. once you read my Theory of Equilibrium you'll understand what i mean. :)

alright so i feel like when i get stressed out my brain moves crazy fast... trying to work through whatever's got me stressed out. and my thinking is going warped speed, but my body's still physically at normal speed. and i have a theory that everyone seeks balance, or equilibrium, in some manner.

there are those who, when stressed out, reach for alcohol. these are the people who want to forget their problems and stress. so if they reach for the alcohol, in an attempt to drink away their stress & problems, they are the people who want to slow down their brains. some people just want to slow down their brains until they are back to moving as slow as their bodies... and some people forget to quit drinking when they reach equilibrium (between brain & body) and get really drunk. obviously once they wake up or sober up, their stress is still there and completely un-dealt with.

then there is the second category of people. this is the category into which i fall. i belong to the people who, when stressed out, want to chew through their problems and stress until there is a viable, rational solution. even if the solution is just that i'm going to have to deal with the stress until it's worked out... i want to analyze my stress from every angle. so instead of alcohol, i reach for caffeine (coffee, in my case). because i want to speed up my body until it's just as frantic as my brain, to reach equilibrium, in order to work through my stress. i don't want to slow down until i'm done analyzing. so my solution for equilibrium in times of stress is coffee.

Now you see, i'm just trying to justify my over-consumption of coffee. But in truth, when i get stressed out i reach for coffee and i do think that's why. I don't want to forget my troubles, i want to work through them as quickly as possible.
No scientific data, no homework done. Just my silly theory. Sometime i'll write about my theory on infants. Not tonight. Tonight i have a pot of coffee waiting for me downstairs. :)


  1. Here is my theory. When People turn 28 or so, they *all of the sudden* decide to fall in love with coffee. As a child, I hated coffee. As a teenager, I hated coffee. Once I got married, had kids and life got stressful, I loved coffee. Hmmmm. Next time pay attention to a new coffee drinker. Most likely, they just got married or had a kid.
    Better coffee than alcohol or vicodin.

  2. I agree! My addiction is a little different though I have always liked the taste of coffee but since I've been babysitting a little guy I have been drinking A WHOLE POT!