Thursday, September 5, 2013

uh .... progress.... hahaha!

Day 1 of homeschool: Awesome. Day 2 of homeschool: pretty good. Day 3 of homeschool: kicking my fat, white butt. We have already taken an Oreo & milk break, written a song called Rock it Like a Homeschool Kid, and then it got so bad we agreed to watch a Blue's Clues (MOMMY CRINGE, I handle every other show much better!) And we will try Day 3 again later.

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  1. Sunni! I feel the same way. We are on day 19 and it's like pulling teeth. She's so so strong willed and this whole listening thing is not doing it for her. I decided to do a few relaxed days (not following MFW ) and just read and do calendar and some math and call it good for a bit. A friend keeps reminding me she's JUST 5 and that's young! :) hang in there!